The best classroom and the richest cupboard are roofed only by the sky
- Margaret McMillan*

of the Institute for Outdoor Learning

About Me

My name is Lucy Baile and I founded Fern Forest School in 2012, after working outside with children for 10 years.
I'm passionate about children developing through first-hand experience in the countryside around them. I believe learning through outdoor play is very important. I run small forest school groups in Winsley village, Bradford on Avon, Bath and out towards Frome and Radstock - within the surrounding countryside.
I have run Forest School & outdoor learning groups at Swainswick Primary School, Marksbury Primary School and St Saviours Infants, BANES and Winsley Primary School, West Wilts. I have also run training / taster sessions for TAs in the BANES valley schools.
I have led torch walks ending with astronomy, led Playwalks, Explorer and birthday walks for Swainswick Explorers. I have helped run an outdoor after school club.
I have also volunteered to run a group for a local Woodcraft Folk group and to help take cubs on a night walk.


Lucy ran a series of Forest School sessions for my Year 2 class over the winter of 2010/11. She was extremely thorough in her site visits and Health and Safety inspections and always communicated very clearly with me. Lucy had planned each session in great detail and gave me the plans in advance, I was very impressed with their quality and thoroughness. Lucy led the sessions brilliantly. She is extremely good with children and quickly built up a relationship with each of them and was able to spot their unique talents and interests. All the children absolutely loved the content of the sessions (nature walks, fire bowls , storm kettles, carving and whittling, outdoor art). I found Lucy to be very creative and adaptable and indeed it was as if each session took place somewhere new, rather than just in our grounds! Overall I would definitely recommend the Forest School experience to anyone and Lucy as the perfect leader/facilitator.
- Tara Kelsall year 2 teacher, Assistant Head, ,Swainswick Primary School.

I have known Lucy since 2006. I first knew her as a mum at the same school as my children and got to know her well when she attended an outdoor playgroup with her children, that I run. She attended for 3 years so I had plenty of opportunity to see her interact with the other pre-school children in the group. Recently Lucy has volunteered as a helper with the days out for children that we run in the holidays. Lucy consistently shows patience for and empathy with young children. Her manner is gentle and kind and she also shows enthusiasm for learning new things and communicates well with children, talking to them, responding to their comments and questions, as well as teaching them how to do things. She is a keen learner herself and passes on that enthusiasm to the children. She is very organised. She communicates and relates well to other adults/parents.
- Rachel Leigh-Wood, Manager, Swainswick Explorers

I have known Lucy since 2009 in the capacity as a friend. We met through a local mother and toddler group. I have left my 2 children in her care several times. She is friend who I regularly meet up with to do activities with our children. I think she has a natural way with young children. She is intelligent, caring, very observant and aware of potential risks so that she always thinks one step ahead. She is a very creative person with a zest for life and lots of ideas for activities for young children. She is a great mother and great fun. She has many ideas about interesting activities relating to outside play and forest school which make her stand out.
- Dr.Rebecca Hall

I loved the way Lucy engaged with the children. Flory couldn’t wait for the next session and talked about it all week! She was so proud of the bug den she had made!
- Jude Wisdom, parent.

Lucy is dedicated to providing children opportunities to connect with nature within directed and open ended activities. She has shown great initiative in preparing suitable sites and leading groups. Lucy has planned imaginative, creative sessions which have been much enjoyed by the participants and volunteers involved. Lucy is truly committed to offering a Forest School experience which allows children to connect with the natural world in a safe supportive environment building self-esteem and a love and respect for nature.
- Zoe Glendinning, Forest School Leader and Woodcraft Folk Leader.